Monday, 22 July 2013

A Whole New Semester

 Greetings fellow readers!Time flies very fast and our semester break had over which means my friends and I have went back to Segamat. Eventhough I feel quite sad (as I didn't manage to do all my plans for the holiday),I also feel very excited to meet up with my friends.As always,we shared many stories regarding our holiday's memories and experiences.With all of sudden,our homesickness had been cured by the magic feelings.

 And as usual,when it comes new semester,it comes new crush (wait!?)..just kidding..haha..almost everything is new (hey..guess what?..i have new room mate bro!) But some things remain the same for better...such as our friendship (strong brotherhood!)..classmates (eventhough some had moved and changed class :'(...).As we registered in the college and registered the subjects,our new semester's life had officially begun.I hope it's gonna be legend-wait for it!-dary.

 Oh yeah!Let's get back to the point...haha.So for this new semester (which I'm currently in the third semester) I have 7 subjects I needed to take this semester.They are BEL 311(English For Academic Purposes),CTU 211 (Fundamental of Economics in Islam),ECO 211 (Macroeconomics),HSL 229 (Hockey 2),MGT 269 (Business Communication),QMT 181 (Introduction To Statistics),and lastly TPT 252 (Principles and Practises In Transport).So put your seat belts on ladies and gentlemen!I'm gonna tell you more about these subjects later in this entry.So sit back relax...keep calm and enjoy ;)

 First of all,I'm taking BEL 311 this semester.The code refers to English For Academic Purposes.This course is outlined as follows:- 15% speaking,30% term paper,15% online quizzes and another 40% comes from our final paper.I think this subject is very useful as one of the content in this subject is to give the idea to the students on how to write a term paper.This knowledge is very useful as it is needed later in our degree level later.No wonder it values 3 credit hours.Our lecturer is Mr Izuan bin Ismail.He's a young man with a strict appearance.Well,maybe later on he'll be more kind and friendly with us.I'm really looking forward to anticipate actively in this class and excel in this subject with flying colours..insya-Allah amin...

 Next,I'm also taking Hockey (HSL 229) for my co-curricular activity.10% of the marks will come from our blip test (fitness test) while another 20% comes from our assignment.Oh before i forgot...this one credit hour subject also have 40% of mark comes from in-field activities (where we learn the basics of hockey and play the game) and last 30% is from final paper.Actually I do not have any problem with this subject as the lecturer is my hockey team's coach,Mr. Marhalim.He's a middle aged guy but he's still in a good shape.He plays hockey very well.I do hope that I will learn more things from him before our upcoming tournaments in the end of this semester.

 Thirdly,I am also going to take CTU 211 which stands for Fundamental of Economics in Islam this semester.For this subject,the marks will be divided into 4 parts.They are presentations (carry 30% of total marks),assignments (10%),test and quizzes (10 %) and last but not least the 50% marks comes from final examination paper.This subject values 2 credit hours.It will be taught by Ustazah Siti Aisyah binti Sokhibul Fadhil.She's a cheerful person.However,she looks strict too somehow.By the way she talks,I can assume that she had many experience in this field eventhough she still young.

After that,I will be learning Statistic in this semester.It's content is almost the same with modern mathematics subject back in secondary school.It will be assessed by 20 % from tests,and 5% of each 4 quizzes while another 60% comes from our final examination.Madam Norani Amit will take charge in teaching us this subject this semester.She's a caring person but not talk too much.Eventhough she is currently pregnant,we couldn't tell it as she is too thin and slim.

Beside that,I am going to learn Microeconomics this semester.It differs a little bit with microeconomics as we will be learning economics in bigger constitution which is nation as whole.To be honest,I love economics subject very much.I always enjoy them because they are something that we use everyday and very important to us.For marking scheme on this subject,20 percent of the total mark comes from test,10 percent comes from quizzes,10 percent from field trip and final examination contributes 60 percent of mark.Our lecturer for this subject is Madam Diana Mazan.She's a cheerful and beautiful person.She also has beautiful voice.

Next,I'll be learning Business Communication.It is almost the same with BEL subjects really.We will be learning to hold meetings,setting up interview and many more.60 percent of total marks comes from in class activities while another 40 percent from final examination.We will be taught by Miss Fazlin Natasya.She's quite rugged and sporting person.I think this subject is very useful as the contents will be used in the future in our workplaces.

Last but not least,is our compulsory subject which is Principle of Transport and its appliance.Actually it is almost the same with the one that we learned in last semester but this time it will be more specific.As usual,20 percent of marks comes from test,10 percent from assignment,10 percent from quizzes and 60 percent from final examination.Our lecturer is Lt. Col. Mohd Ramzi.He's an army retiree.He looks very strict but however he's funny in person.

So this is all the subjects that I will take in this semester.I hope I can score well and gain more knowledge.Btw,thanks for your time fellow readers :)

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